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November 6, 2012
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Star Trek/Transformers Crossovers: Autobot E by Unicron9 Star Trek/Transformers Crossovers: Autobot E by Unicron9
Well he's done, although It is likely that at some point I may revisit him to make improvements.
I think I really went out on a limb trying to be original and a little different from the norm on the head design. The head had to be long because the deflector dish is on the top of it for alt mode, so I went for a majestic alien look with a mix of Geordi's visor, Vulcan ears, and Andorian antennas. I was going to paint the antennas the same blue as some of his bot mode details, but I feared that might make the already odd head confusing.
I know it isn't perfect, but I hope you guys like it!

Knowing the war with the Borg was nearly won, Picard was on a mission far from home to eliminate any known remaining Borg when the Enterprise E happened upon a strange and unresponsive Borg cube. An away team was sent, and returned with the unusual news that all systems except life support on the enemy ship were down, nothing was moving, and the structure of the ship altogether had differences that did not register as Borg technology, or anything even recorded in the Starfleet database.
The team also brought back the Borg primary computer core module and a strange metal relic with alien runes etched across it, which was assumed to be part of the new tech the Borg must have assimilated that caused their shut down.
Before leaving the area, the disabled ship was destroyed, but it took a surprising number of quantum torpedoes and phaser streams to finally do so, as it seemed to self repair at an alarming rate.

Within a few days, the Enterprise crew had deciphered enough of the Borg computer data to have the coordinates of the relic's origin, and a course was set at warp 9 to reach a never before explored sector of space. With any luck, they would locate a new planet with life and discover what the Borg were up to.
The journey was long even at top speeds, and over the days the crew began to report odd structural changes in various locations all over the ship with no one claiming responsibility for any of them. Geordi confirmed that entire ship was indeed changing, but it all seemed to be upgrades and everything new was made from an incredibly strong new metal, quite similar to the alloy the relic was made from.

Picard feared the alien device might be attempting to take over the ship, and ordered it jettisoned immediately, but none of the doors to airlocks or transporter rooms and controls would open. As the crew tried to stay calm and analyse the situation, the ship eventually shut down completely, except for life support and artificial gravity...

For nearly 36 hours the ship sat in darkness, its crew terrified and helpless to do anything at all as the ship slowly grew new parts and systems before their eyes. The enterprise got longer, its shield matrix became at least twice as powerful, 4 new powerful impulse engines twisted into shape under the rear of the saucer section that would surely improve maneuverability greatly , and the computer seemed to be reading through all of its own information over and over... Until nearly everything simply came back online.

Picard was back in control, and everything seemed back to normal aside from the obvious improvements, communications were still down, and the computer seemed to now be possessed. Both Picard and Riker had many questions, but the computer would only say "I will protect you. You must reach Cybertron.", over and over.
With little other choice, they resumed their course.

Arriving sooner than expected, the Enterprise came upon a metal planet which was surrounded by over a dozen Borg cubes! Knowing there was little chance to defeat them alone, the Captain tried to change course and go to warp, but a powerful, rumbling voice over the ship intercom said, "Trust me, friends" and suddenly everyone in the saucer section was teleported to the main body of the ship, the captain and high ranking crew members in their respective positions on a new and improved battle bridge.
Everyone braced themselves as the ship shook and jolted, its parts moving around to a drastically new configuration as the Borg ships closed in and opened fire.
Soon, the Enterprise had become a enormous humanoid robot, easily dispatching the Borg ships one after another, some cleaved with the plasma blade on its right arm, some crushed into one another by the huge shield mounted on its left arm, and many destroyed by the phaser banks in its eyes, and the quantum and photon torpedoes that fired from its right shoulder and chest.
The bridge crew witnessed on screen the amazing show of power until not one Borg ship remained.

There was no doubt now, the ship was alive, and was a more than welcome ally to the Federation.

"Who... are you?" Picard asked.
The voice over the intercom answered him. "I am NCC-1701-E. I am the Starfleet Soverign class ship, Enterprise. I am... an Autobot."
"Autobot E, then" Riker said with a sly smile.
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theDreamsCollector Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014
hi. just come (again) across this excdellent custom. the 1st time the last year i suppose, and it sparkled my mind in excitement. But i wasn't so much in the collecting so i only thought "this guy is amazing beyond belief" and closed there. Now i'm a bit more in the collecting and seeing you already sold this piece-of-art i'm a bit sad. But i know you needed to do it, so no complains. Only i'd like to know how much you could ask for making another one. Just wondering. No need to reply here. You can even give me an answer in pvt if more as you like :)

btw, hope to see more awesomeness in the future :thumbsup:
Unicron9 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
It was so much work and in the end the $500 I made on it was a bit depressing. Only sold it because I really needed the money, then later it practically went viral, making it even more sad that I didnt make what it was worth to me, or worth for the work I put into it.
It'd take at least $800 for me to make another.
MenothsWrath Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014
Do you do commissions?
Unicron9 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
Yes. for inquiries.

But people asking me to give them a price to make another of these don't seem toconsider how much work and time it takes, and think I'll pop one out for $50 or so.
The one pictured here sold for over $500, and that was depressingly low. I wouldn't do another for less than $650.
MenothsWrath Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014
Actually, I was going to ask if you could make Starscream into a Romulan Mogai Ship or Scorpion Fighter from Star Trek/Star Trek Online and what the price would be, especially if it's the Starscream they released recently that had the old Movie Crown and (plastic) Cape.  I picked those two because Romulans tend to be backstabby like him and the form of those two craft fit his transformation to "jet mode" better than the TOS Bird Of Prey.
Unicron9 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
That sounds awesome, and fun to do, though also a lot of work. I love both of those ships, but the Scorpion fighter craft would be too small to make Starscream into I think.
It would take that MP Starscream figure and a similarly sized model of the romulan ship, which I'm not even sure exists. Otherwise I could do it just using styrene and sculpt, but that'd be much more work, would probably take a couple of months to build, and would cost about the same as I'd charge for an enterprise transformer.
MenothsWrath Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014
Right.  PM me later plz.  It will take a few months (got to pay College, etc), but I would like to negotiate starting paying you for the project.
Unicron9 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
Sure, just email me at whenever you are ready.
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Razorgeist Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014
Wow that is awesome!
Enterprise526 Featured By Owner May 10, 2014
Would u make another one?...
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