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Quiet Super Spy Outfit by Unicron9 Quiet Super Spy Outfit :iconunicron9:Unicron9 4 0 Coreplay Fitness Custom by Unicron9 Coreplay Fitness Custom :iconunicron9:Unicron9 7 0 Realm of the Claw Kaela and Zynda by Unicron9 Realm of the Claw Kaela and Zynda :iconunicron9:Unicron9 13 0 Tara Streal 2017 Figure by Unicron9 Tara Streal 2017 Figure :iconunicron9:Unicron9 5 0 80s Toons Modernized by Unicron9 80s Toons Modernized :iconunicron9:Unicron9 37 1 NieR: Automata 2B Figure by Unicron9 NieR: Automata 2B Figure :iconunicron9:Unicron9 20 9 Jynic 2017 by Unicron9 Jynic 2017 :iconunicron9:Unicron9 8 2 Hetaraen from Heroes of the Dark Worlds by Unicron9 Hetaraen from Heroes of the Dark Worlds :iconunicron9:Unicron9 10 0 My MP Arcee by Unicron9 My MP Arcee :iconunicron9:Unicron9 41 17 Play Arts Kai Variant Spider-Gwen by Unicron9 Play Arts Kai Variant Spider-Gwen :iconunicron9:Unicron9 32 2 Revoltech Carnage by Unicron9 Revoltech Carnage :iconunicron9:Unicron9 24 3 Twinferno Wings by Unicron9 Twinferno Wings :iconunicron9:Unicron9 41 14 Guiltaur by Unicron9 Guiltaur :iconunicron9:Unicron9 45 7 Titans Return Hotrod by Unicron9 Titans Return Hotrod :iconunicron9:Unicron9 35 16 Maki Shaded by Unicron9 Maki Shaded :iconunicron9:Unicron9 6 0 Masterpiece Scale Transmetal Cheetor by Unicron9 Masterpiece Scale Transmetal Cheetor :iconunicron9:Unicron9 28 16
Some of the most recent things I posted. You should click the gallery button and see lots more that is probably way cooler than just these. Seriously.


Nier: Automata by Sangrde Nier: Automata :iconsangrde:Sangrde 3,726 79 YoRHa 2b - full body by Kruel-Kaiser YoRHa 2b - full body :iconkruel-kaiser:Kruel-Kaiser 247 5 YoRHa No.2 Type B by Emy-san YoRHa No.2 Type B :iconemy-san:Emy-san 437 52 Batgirl by peter83 Batgirl :iconpeter83:peter83 235 18 Batgirl by qoiwrng Batgirl :iconqoiwrng:qoiwrng 632 14 Ribbon by cursedapple Ribbon :iconcursedapple:cursedapple 542 27 2B from Nier: Automata by cursedapple 2B from Nier: Automata :iconcursedapple:cursedapple 2,124 38 NieR : Automata by oNewasHo NieR : Automata :icononewasho:oNewasHo 312 18 Sylvanas Windrunner by Enshanlee Sylvanas Windrunner :iconenshanlee:Enshanlee 2,080 66 2B  - 2 by ArvL 2B - 2 :iconarvl:ArvL 185 12 NieR: Automata: 2B by xCrofty NieR: Automata: 2B :iconxcrofty:xCrofty 212 73 Red part 1. by Vividnco Red part 1. :iconvividnco:Vividnco 185 39 Red part 2. by Vividnco Red part 2. :iconvividnco:Vividnco 133 37 Cindy-by-dandonfuga by dandonfuga Cindy-by-dandonfuga :icondandonfuga:dandonfuga 5,283 89 Trumpy by Moonshen Trumpy :iconmoonshen:Moonshen 5,651 840 Lightning by dandonfuga Lightning :icondandonfuga:dandonfuga 5,270 102
I only fav things I really really really like, not every other slightly interesting thing I see, so its all just great stuff in here. Mostly half naked chicks and robots. Or half naked robot chicks.


Quiet Super Spy Outfit
Quiet from Metal Gear Solid Phantom pain in way more clothes than usual :) a sort of True Lies style super spy outfit.

On ebay now.
Coreplay Fitness Custom
Coreplay Fitness 2.0 body with new outfit assembled and modified to specifically cover all the ugly joints and show off the best of the figure.

On ebay now.
Realm of the Claw Kaela and Zynda
Dunno if anyone remembers these from back in 2001 but Stan Winston had his own action figure company for a little while then and when I saw these at my local Toys R Us all those years back, I had to pick them up.

I ended up chopping up one to use for a custom I did years ago, one broke, and I sold one. These two ladies are the only ones I still have.

As great as these two are, they were lacking some seriously needed articulation most decent modern figures have. I decided to go in and do some surgery to fix that.

I gave both figures new shoulder joints and resculpted the tops of the shoulders, then did some paint touch ups to tidy what I made a mess of, and did some pretty heavy work on the necks.
Now they can both do a lot more with their arms at the shoulders and can turn their heads left and right. This makes the waist swivel and other articulation much more useful, since the new articulation compliments what was already there to make some cool poses now possible.
Also added to the heels of their feet so they can stand better.

I considered adding elbow and knee articulation too, but it would have made seams that would be so obvious it would hurt the really clean statue-like overall look of the figures.

Kaela's base stand is somewhere around here... I gotta find that eventually.
Tara Streal 2017 Figure
After making a new improved Jyn figure, my Tara was a bit too small and crappy looking so I made a new one of her too.
Original characters from some stuff I made up in my early teens.


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Artist | Professional | Artisan Crafts
United States
Current Residence: Memphis TN
Favourite genre of music: METAL
Favourite style of art: CG, fantasy, and comic style
Operating System: Windows7
MP3 player of choice: Soundwave music label MP3 player and my computer.
Shell of choice: turtle
Wallpaper of choice: changes weekly
Skin of choice: My own flesh is okay
Favourite cartoon character: Starscream
Personal Quote: I had life all figured out for a minute, but then I forgot what I was thinking.
No, I haven't been smoking weed (unfortunately). I quit a while back, but somehow this dumb idea popped into my head and I wanted to share. Lots of theories have come into play this way and with a lot of them the person who came up with them didn't really put much stock into what they'd come up with, so I might as well share...

What if...
Dinosaurs actually died out because just about every living thing hit a point in evolution where they all had what they needed for survival too damn well, even the plant life. Like maybe it was God's failed first (or second, or third or 800th) experiment. Yeah yeah, lots of people even hear the word God and feel the need to point out that they know for a fact there isn't one of those, so for you guys, lets say aliens that seeded the earth with life, or just crap in a pool that came together and made life happen. Whatever. I prefer to think something put us here, even if I do then have to wonder what put THAT race into existence. Who knows how it all began. Totally different subject.

Anyway, what I mean is, what if over millions of years
the plants evolved to be too thorny or poisonous for plant eaters to eat, T-Rex got so fucking chompy with tiny useless arms that they were just all powerful running legs and giant heads full of teeth, but armored and spiky defensive dinos got too nearly impossible for them to even eat, and some, like brontosauruses, got so damn big they could just stomp T-rexes or knock them a mile away to their death with one tail swipe. Those creatures that couldn't evolve enough to be safe either dwindled down to extinction as all starving meat eaters hunted them to the last, just like the only rare remaining plants that herbivores could eat eventually ran out. Nasty things like roaches that eat dead stuff and can survive the worst conditions were all that made it through that time as evolution screwed itself.

Those suckers were supposedly around WAY longer than we have been, right? Maybe we will hit that point too, even if our over-evolution is just us nuking ourselves or destroying the world for the next million years with pollution and such.

Maybe next time, the engineers will get it right. Maybe not.

Or, sure, just a giant meteor took everything out.
  • Listening to: Demon Hunter
  • Reading: Internet stuff
  • Watching: Old movies
  • Playing: FF XV
  • Eating: Stuff
  • Drinking: Sweet tea


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Meta-Cell Featured By Owner Edited 1 day ago
Got another question, just got a leader Animated Megatron and everything's super tight but two hinge joints, both on his right arm making it floppy and unable to support his fusion cannon (hand flops down when pointed straight out). Would Pledge tighten them? it's just the arm hinges as the right shoulder is ok.
Unicron9 Featured By Owner 20 hours ago  Professional Artisan Crafter
I don't know. Been a long time since I had that figure. Pledge is the stuff for dusting though right? I never heard of using that to tighten joints. For ball joints I usually just use super glue and move the joint around until it dries with some stiffness. On hinge joints sometimes super glue can help if you can do it so you can't really see the glue, and sometimes just tightening with a screwdriver helps.
Meta-Cell Featured By Owner May 18, 2017
Need your advice, I got a Rioter Despotron while back and it came with some free toyhack decos, which size con symbol eould be best and would it be even possible to have it on the center chest part or best tro put it on the left/right of the chest?
Unicron9 Featured By Owner May 18, 2017  Professional Artisan Crafter
I'd definitely go with the middle section, and whichever sticker is the largest that will fit without having to fold over the side angles, so its going to be a pretty small one either way.
Meta-Cell Featured By Owner May 18, 2017
I'll see if there's one small enough for it, now just have to replace
the purple bit with the solid grey, cuz I doubt it can be done with
the purple bit even though it does look good with it in person
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Unicron Warning by Nitrofires-Revenge by 574Studios  
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Thanks for the watch!^^
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Thanks for the watch
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:3 Happy birthday, TJ!
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