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This is the last 4 things I posted. You should click the gallery button and see lots more that is probably way cooler than just these. Seriously.


I only fav things I really really really like, not every other slightly interesting thing I see, so its all just great stuff in here. Mostly half naked chicks and robots. Or half naked robot chicks.


CloneDroid Sixshot
The only custom work I did to this figure was painting the face under the mouth plate silver, the inner chest wing details, and a bit of teal on top of the purple part of Jet mode.
Decided to try having some fun with the pics, but after not being too happy with my photoshop skills I got my buddy :icondrawn2digital: to help out with the car and tank mode pics.

This is the CloneDroid Sixshot, which is basically a knockoff of Terminus Hexatron with several improvements such as the leg flaps folding down and rubber tires.

Natalie Portman Head on Phicen
Updated this pic since I've updated the figure some.
I added dark red anklets and bracelets to cover the joints and put a couple of weapons in her hands so she fits in with my other 1/6 scale Femme Fatales better.
This Phicen S17b body is maybe more like a comic book girl and less realistic, but I like it.
Ultimate Voltron EX pics (With Review)
My opinion on the Ultimate Voltron EX set.

These are the best looking Voltron lions I have ever seen by far, and they form the best looking Voltron too!
Each lion is really big. I think you almost have to see them in person or have them in hand to really appreciate how huge and nice these are.
The set isn't perfect though. There are several things that keep it from being a must buy set unless you really just love Voltron that much.

For a set that took so long to come out, some aspects of quality and design just don't feel great. The Voltron head can't turn side to side without tilting due to an angle on the black lion's neck, and the elbow joints in the middle of the green and red lions do not bend very far at all. Also the waist has a swivel joint but it is almost completely blocked by part of the "belt" in the back, making it useless unless you take a dremel and cut sections out of your black lion's back. The Black lion also has large ball joints in his hips rather than the stiff ratchet joints it should have had, making for less stable joints to support this massive and expensive Voltron figure in some poses than what I'm really comfortable with.

Some things about the individual lion's articulation also could have been better, and the lions come with no pop out weaponry or mouth and/or shoulder weapons. Most decent Voltron sets since the early 80s have had these things, so not even being able to slide up the yellow lion's back cannon is kind of a shame. Little pilots that could fit inside the lions should have been an easy thing to add to this set too considering the size, and would have certainly helped to justify the $400 price tag, but nope. It is very much a bare-bones set, having good to decent articulation in some areas and pretty bad articulation in other places, but damn if it doesn't look great.

I personally don't feel like I wasted money buying this. It is very nice and I have wanted a great looking articulated Voltron with a bit of modernized style for years. I just wish it had the features and design quality it really should have for the price.
Here's how I work out the price of the set:
Black lion- $120
Blue Lion- $90
Yellow Lion- $90
Green lion- $50
Red lion- $50

Going by the size, that's comparable to if not on the low side for 3rd party Transformers, but Transformers are much more complex than any of these, and five 3rd party transformers would likely have a lot of cool accessories, not to mention die-cast parts. Voltron here only comes with a sword and shield, and has no metal parts (aside from screws and pins that hold it together).

Also, my blue lion had a nasty paint defect. I fixed it the best I could but for what I paid I do want factory perfect rather than good enough, so I have asked Chosen Prime about getting a replacement blue lion.

To see a video where I take a look at the set and show how to fix a couple of the issues I had with it, check this out-…
Forgive me for my weak raspy voice though... Memphis weather has been hot/cold/hot/cold every day for months now and it has wreaked havoc on my sinuses and lungs.
Random Living Room Display Pic
Just wanted to take and post this pic of my living room display shelves with Ultimate Voltron EX lions on it, because to me it really drove home just how fricking huge these lions are to see them there with other figures.
I didn't keep my full Autobots or Decepticons collection up for long because it felt like too much busy clutter.
New video gallery of some of my work-


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United States
Current Residence: Memphis TN
Favourite genre of music: METAL
Favourite style of art: CG, fantasy, and comic style
Operating System: Windows7
MP3 player of choice: Soundwave music label MP3 player and my computer.
Shell of choice: turtle
Wallpaper of choice: changes weekly
Skin of choice: My own flesh is okay
Favourite cartoon character: Starscream
Personal Quote: I had life all figured out for a minute, but then I forgot what I was thinking.
Or keep my mouth shut and let things bubble inside until I'm just full of hate. Yeah, that's probably a good idea.
I speak my mind a lot both to people I know and online. The online part probably hurts my business quite a bit. Everywhere I post anything my screen name is Unicron9, which is also my business name, and ole Unicron9 isn't on board with many of the modern trends that are so popular these days.

I see people taking things way too seriously, flipping out "triggered" and offended by the dumbest harmless things, calling sexism racism, and any other ism they can come up with over every little thing, and I often feel the need to say what I think about it. I guess I feel like the less people who disagree with the millennial PC culture and SJW junk speak their minds, the more ground they will gain.
The youngest generations being raised in this crap doesn't even know how far detached from reality those views are. They aren't even just trying to ride the popular train and be on the moral high-ground in internet land. They really think that way of thinking is right.

Funny thing is, those SJW PC types and radical feminists who believe everything the media feeds them don't listen to reason or other opinions at all. They bully, call names, and try to force what they think on everyone. No matter what evidence or even proof of anything they are shown they still refuse to believe anything but their own twisted viewpoints. That being the case, there is really no point in trying to have a discussion with them if you disagree with what they preach, much less argue. Why do I still do it?
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