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This is the last 4 things I posted. You should click the gallery button and see lots more that is probably way cooler than just these. Seriously.


I only fav things I really really really like, not every other slightly interesting thing I see, so its all just great stuff in here. Mostly half naked chicks and robots. Or half naked robot chicks.


Steel Planet's BW Dinobot Painted by Unicron9
Steel Planet's BW Dinobot Painted
I know I already posted one of these but like I said then, it was a 2 day rush job because I was busy with commissions.
This is IS a commission, so it took a little over a week and its more the quality a customer can expect from my work. I tend to just get things done "good enough for now" for myself.

I did get around to putting some extra work into my own too. I'll still leave the old one up because it has lots of compare pics by other BW figures. If you didnt see it, its here-…
Masterpiece Airazor by Unicron9
Masterpiece Airazor
Custom figure I made to go with my BW maximals after seeing that the upcoming Masterpiece Optimus Primal will scale well with the season 1 maximals I already have. I figure Airazor wont be high up on the list of ones for Takara to make next, so I made my own from the crappy original figure and lots of cutting and sculpting.

I made the orange too vibrant so as you can see in the last pic I re-did it to be lighter and more accurate. Didn't feel like re-taking all of the pics.
Blackarachnia Custom Alternate Head by Unicron9
Blackarachnia Custom Alternate Head
I altered a Tecrom designs Blackarachnia head I had left over from an old project to fit on an even older Blackarachnia custom I did years ago.
Original custom-…

The heads both pop on and off for good ole interchangeable options.

My pictures just keep getting worse for some reason so after this shitty set I did some real tweaking on my camera, light box, and background. Gotta get this issue taken care of...
Transmetal Inferno by Unicron9
Transmetal Inferno
BUUURN for the GLORY of the ROYALTY!!

(Minor edit Jan2016: added some text to make it more clear what you're looking at.)

Inferno was my favorite character in Beast wars for a long time, until most of the others became Transmetals and left him behind as a joke. Still, he sometimes managed to hold his own.
My vision of a Transmetal Inferno was a high tech psychotic pyromaniac robotic nightmare with longer range incendiary weapons and a jet mode with weapon range comparable to an F-22 Raptor.

Using BW Scavenger, who was originally intended to be Transmetal Inferno anyway, I modified the hell out of the figure to make the Transmetal inferno I always wanted.

His new flame throwers can be swapped out for hands in robot mode, and extend for an incendiary sniper form. In bot mode, they can be attached to his back as jump jets or flamboyant decorative wings, and in ant mode they hide away under his ass.
With the leg joints tightened (with superglue and nail polish) and the wheels from the original 3rd mode removed, he has no problem standing on his legs alone in ant mode.
The hands can store away in his backpack when using flame weapons in bot mode.
As you can see, I kept the Transmetal parts because to me that's what makes them Transmetal, but I did add more red fade to it.

Hope yall like him!
Dragon Megatron Returns! by Unicron9
Dragon Megatron Returns!

(Small Edit Jan2016: Added panic emote lines over the Predaaking figure to make it more clear he's freaking the F out.)

Thought to have been lost in the final battle for Cybertron along with Optimus Primal, Megatron's twisted spark forced its way through the Oracle before passing on toward the pit of void and was able to hang on to life. Now more of a wraith in a serpent dragon form, Megatron twists through the air with a terrifying roar, propelled along flames of pure hatred for everything organic. Only when calm enough can he take a fully solid form, which usually reverts him to his robot mode. In that rare form, some of the Megatron he once was bleeds through the rage to communicate brief words of anger that always lead him back to his fiery immortal state.

Made from the Dinozaurs Gigano dragon figure with a BW TM Megatron head which I sculpted additions to. I also took a dremel to 4 places on his legs to improve the leg articulation a bit.
This is the 2nd version of this guy I have done. The last I did years ago and called it TM3 Megaton.


Unicron9's Profile Picture
TJ Wilferd
Artist | Professional | Artisan Crafts
United States
Current Residence: Memphis TN
Favourite genre of music: METAL
Favourite style of art: CG, fantasy, and comic style
Operating System: Windows7
MP3 player of choice: Soundwave music label MP3 player and my computer.
Shell of choice: turtle
Wallpaper of choice: changes weekly
Skin of choice: My own flesh is okay
Favourite cartoon character: Starscream
Personal Quote: I had life all figured out for a minute, but then I forgot what I was thinking.
Ever get the feeling all these materiel things you buy are pointless for the most part? I don't mean like household appliances or things like your TV, phone, car, or PC that make entertainment, learning, travel, and communication possible or easier, but things you collect just for yourself.

It probably has to do with spending another Christmas in the hospital, or the fact that I can't seem to get back to 100% health since then, or these celebrity deaths lately, or having given up most of my vices since Christmas, but for the last few weeks I haven't been able to shake the feeling... or more like the knowledge of the fact that any one of us could go at any time.
I know, not a subject anybody wants to think about or should dwell on, but its in my head more than usual lately. It makes me look around at all of these action fig-... toys... that I have everywhere I can cram one in my house, and feel like a selfish person. Like if I were to go, these boxes full of toys in my closets would be nothing but mess my family won't know what to do with. They'd be given away or sold for cheap, with only maybe a few of my favorites my family know I loved most kept as reminders of me, which would likely end up hidden away soon enough to because who wants to be reminded of sad things all the time?

This feeling has finally gone on long enough that I find myself less interested in what figures are coming next and wanting to sell off most of what I have. And I have been doing just that. I've been putting everything from these boxes in the closet on ebay and sending most of the money to the bank so my family gets by more comfortably. Not that I'm making bookoos of cash off my crap by any means, but it does feel better to send them off and send money over than to know tons of what is essentially junk to most people is just sitting in boxes, possibly never to even be displayed again. I feel like a toy hoarder more than a figure collector lately.

Don't get me wrong. I didn't suddenly stop caring about what I like. I still plan to continue with my Masterpiece and CHUGRTSCW (classics) Transformers collecting and upgrading. I'm not going to sell off all of my Beast Wars figures or any of my MOTU or Star Trek stuff, but seriously, how many different incarnations and sizes of the same characters do I really need? Honestly I think the only real answer is none, so the least I can do is narrow things down a good bit.
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  • Watching: Shannara
  • Playing: Games with the wifey
  • Eating: plenty
  • Drinking: Sweet tea

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